Security Systems

  • CCTV - Closed circuit television
  • Video Analytics Systems
  • Intruder Detection Systems
  • Professional Perimeter Intrusion Detection System
    • Peridect and Peridect+
      • The purpose of perimeter protection is to detect an intruder right on the border of protected area to be able of timely and effective reaction. This means lower risk and prevention of larger damages then the detection of intruder inside the protected site.
  • ACS – Access Control System
    • Access Control System Colnod (own product)
  • Center automated parking systems
  • Intercoms
  • Integrated security system
    • Integrated security system MrGuard (own product)
  • Special security technologies
    • Human Presence Detector
      • The system detects any movement generated by a hidden person that is in contact with the interior or cargo of the vehicle. System is designed for stable location for entrance areal gates or for detection on mobile car check point.

Under Vehicle Inspection System

The system ensures an efficient inspect the underside of vehicles in moving triadic. System shall provide a still standing image of the complete underside of the vehicle and provide automatic or manual cooperation with older car image. System can effectively detect Explosives, weapons, narcotics and other defective items hidden under the vehicles.

Fire Protection Devices

  • Fire Alarm System
  • Voice Evacuation Systems
  • Stable Extinguishing equipment
  • Wireless fire alarm system


Developed specifically for the construction industry

Reliable detection and system stability

Battery life tested to 3+ years

Silence test function which eliminates the need of a construction site evacuation during a test

Flexible system configuration

Extensive wireless range offers complete site coverage

Fire Protection Devices
Fire Protection Devices

Our Software Solutions

  • Custom application development
  • Safety integration superstructures and visualisations
  • Video-detection systems
  • Our own products


Safety integration and graphic add-on. Used for integration of alert systems, effective solutions of incidents and comfort safety supervision including a mobile client. Enables creating of logical relations among integrated systems.


Used for management and control of persons or vehicles entrance to defined areas. Enables administration of entrance authorization, monitoring of situation in controlled zones, and operation events analysis. Also enables controlling the occupation of garage virtual zones.


Special video-detection of persons entrance in special conditions (e. g. subway tunnels). It protects lives and property by timely warning in case of unauthorised entrance in the guarded area.


System of warning, informing and reporting, that helps protect citizens in case of exceptional events. The system's accuracy and reliability enables to distribute targeted information in critical situations immediately.


Function control and defect reporting in monitored technologies. The application provides immediate overview of the actual state, number and length of outages and defect repair. Enables to store the operation documentation for each technology bundle.

Our Software Solutions

Public Warning Systems

Public Warning Systems - VoiceGuard
  • Siren public warning systems
  • Local warning systems
  • Public warning infrastructure
  • Integration of detection systems in the warning systems
  • Public warning software add-ons

Communication systems

  • Structured cabling systems
  • Active network components
  • Data networks management
  • Telephone switchboards and telecommunication systems
  • Dispatching and central monitoring stations
Communication systems

Instrumentation and Control

Instrumentation and Control
  • Decentralized installation management systems EIB/KNX
  • Field instrumentation
  • Building management systems
  • Industrial control systems
  • Energy and operational efficiency

Audio-visual and Presentation Technology

Audio-visual and Presentation Technology
  • Presentation
  • Projection
  • Electro acoustics (audio)
  • Videoconferences
  • Digital Signage systems
  • Processing and distribution infrastructure
    • (conventional, digital, using IP/Ethernet)
  • Integrated management and control

Electrical Systems

  • Low voltage and high voltage
  • Cable support structures
  • Cable distribution
  • Cable sets
  • Switchboards
  • Lighting
  • Backup power sources – UPS, gensets
  • Public address systems for entire buildings
  • Antenna distributions – STA
  • Unified time systems
Electrical Systems
Electrical Systems

Our Own Production

Our Own Production
  • Metal workshop
  • Electronic workshop
  • Electro technical workshop

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